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ZLFL连续式沸腾制?;? class=

  ZLFL连续式沸腾制?;?br />

  ZLFL Continuous boiling granulator

  The hot air enters the bottom of the fluidized bed so that the material is fluidized.Binder is pumped into the atomizing nozzle,atomization and then coated on the surface of the fluidized particles or particles are bonded to each other,by continuous flow,coating and drying,the particles grow up,to achieve the required size is discharged from the outlet of the fluidized bed.The fine powder produced by fluidization and atomization is recovered by cyclone separator and then added to spray granulation fluidized bed to become the core of new particle and realize the balance of particle number in fluidized bed.Spraying,granulation and drying are completed in the same equipment.